I’m going to be in Great Kid Magazine

Every so often being a bloggers presents me with an opportunity that is really exciting.  Tomorrow is no exception.  A couple of months ago I was asked some questions in order to be featured in an issue of Great Kids Magazine. And I just found out my issue goes out tomorrow.

Great Kid Magazine is an online magazine that is delivered right to your email inbox every Monday and Thursday.

Great Kid Magazine can help with any areas of parenting.

  • Find out how to handle your most challenging parenting problems and questions, including social media, bullying, school issues, ADHD, and lots more…
  • Get best tips and strategies from the world’s parenting experts about how to relate to, and communicate with, your children, so you can end the arguing!
  • Develop your confidence as a parent, so you “know what to do”, instead of lying awake, wondering “what’s next?”

Great Kids Magazine

Tomorrow, my issue goes out and I am beyond excited. You can get your own copy of Great Kids Magazine delivered right to your inbox.

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