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Laugh Out Loud with Poise Impressa #Giveaway

Laugh Out Loud with Poise Impressa #TryImpressa #Giveaway

My mom has the most memorable laugh of anyone I know. Everyone who has ever met my mom remarks on her laugh. It is unique, heartfelt, and contagious. I remember growing up, if we ever got separated from my mom we would just wait and listen. At some point she would talk to someone and laugh. Then we would follow the sound of her laughing to find her.

Poise Impressa

Did you know that 35 million women experience stress urinary incontinence? SUI can be triggered by everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting, or even exercise.

Poise Impressa is designed to help. But it is different from other products that help you deal with the leaks. Instead of hiding the leaks, Impressa is made to actually stop the leak before it even occurs.

Poise Impressa

While it may look a little like a tampon, Poise Impressa is different. When you insert the correct sized Poise Impressa, it places a little bit of pressure on the urethra. This little bit of pressure has helped 9 out of 10 women no longer have to worry about leaks.

Imagine being free to do the things you normally do. Free to sneeze without fear. To run and exercise. And finally free to laugh as loud and as long as you want.

And be sure to download your coupon good for $2 off a Poise Impressa sizing kit. Then come back and print off another $2 coupon good for your first box of Poise Impressa in your size.

To help you laugh more, I am giving away $15 in cash via Paypal. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide who has a valid Paypal account.

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