Making Your Site Appealing.

It seems these days that everyone wants to create his or her own blog. Hello, look at me. I have a blog. However, blogging is not just about sharing ideas with other people – for many it is a way of earning money on the internet.

With so many blogs around, how can you make your blog stand out from the others and attract followers? Some people might believe that what is important is what a blogger has to say, and of course content is very important. However, that does not mean that you should ignore the design of your site. A poorly designed site can put off visitors even before they have read your amazing content.


Images are a great way of attracting attention and creating a memorable blog. You can use photographs as background images to catch users’ attention and as a way of establishing your “brand.” There are a number of programs you can use to help you manipulate images, such as the jQuery Backstretch plugin, and you can find tips on how to use images such as the CSS3 Full Page image technique that will appear on sites discussing how to get the most out of CSS.
There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is why many bloggers use images to spruce up their sites and attract users’ attention. However, where do you get these images? There are a number of sites that have libraries of images, and some are royalty-free, enabling you to use the images at no cost. Stock Photos by Dreamstime, or a selection from their library of royalty-free images can be added to a blog. Creating dynamic and responsive web images is a popular trend. You can do this using CSS or open source plugins.

If you want to create a fantastic site but need a little help, then something like Bootstrap can help you get started. Basically, Bootstrap creates a grid system that lets you add simple elements such as tables and forms and it makes it much easier to get a consistent look. It also allows you try out your creations before you unleash them on the internet.


Use whitespace to create a layout that is not too cramped. Too much information on one page can put some visitors off. Making it easier for individuals to read will encourage them to return. Using a dynamic web font allows you to play around with different fonts to see what works best. Most users these days have good connections, so using third-party font style sheets will not slow down your website.

CSS3 shadows can make your text really stand out. Apple was one of the first companies to use text shadows to create a distinctive layout.

Updating your color scheme can keep your visitors interested. You do not have to change the entire color scheme of your blog, just a few areas such as headers, toolbars and backgrounds. There are online tools such as Color Scheme Designer that will help you design your color scheme.

So remember, while it is important that a blog is interesting, make sure that you spend some time on the design to attract and keep your users.

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