Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Period Pad with Poise. #Free Sample

I’m sure by now you have seen the hashtag #RecycleYourPeriodPad on social media. If you are anything like me you were a little grossed out by it. But then I was asked to be a part of the campaign and I have to tell you it has been fun.

First the idea is simple. Many people suffer from Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) and in an effort to help deal with it they use normal pads to help. Poise is on a mission to let people know that there is an alternative to using your normal period pad for light bladder leakage. They developed a thinner pad for those of us who suffer from LBL. Besides being thinner, these pads are made to help absorb the liquid from LBL and keep you feeling clean and dry.


Despite having a couple of kids of my own, I don’t deal with LBL very often. Thankfully. But there are times when it is an issue and having Poise around is great.

Poise pads

So now that I have these great Poise pads I realized I have a surplus of regular period pads. Poise has challenged me with finding a new things to do with the pads. So I have come up with this list of 10 things you can use your period pads for.

1. In a pinch, use them as nursing pads.
2. Use as a lint roller to remove pet hair or fuzz from clothing.
3. Use instead of cotton balls or cotton rounds to remove make up or nail polish.
4. Use as a shoe insert to help wick away moisture.
5. Soak up spills on furniture.


6. Can make a useful bandage if you are in a pinch.
7. Let the kids make beds for their Barbies with them.
8. Use instead of a sponge and let the kids paint with them.
9. Place in the bottom of potted plants to soak up excess water.
10. Soak in citronella and place around the patio to keep mosquito’s away.

No matter what you use your period pads for, thanks to Poise you don’t have to use them for LBL anymore.

Be sure to stop by Poise and request your free sample of their new, thinner LBL pads.

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