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Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Small Spaces — Yellow Tennessee

Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Small Spaces

You may not have all the room in the world but that doesn’t mean that you can really liven up your small space and not only make it work for you but make it look like a million bucks. It isn’t always about finding smaller pieces, or even installing extra, hidden storage. Sometimes it all about scoring that one thing that actually works for you.

small spaces

Last week on a trip to Sam’s Club I found these adorable Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters. I knew that they would fit perfectly into the little space in the bathroom. But first, let’s look at some other ideas for sprucing up small spaces.


When dealing with a smaller space, consider going with a soft, lighter color on all the walls. This allows the eyes to continue moving through the space instead of breaking it up with color changes. Go one step further and minimize the amount of art work hanging on the walls. The continuous color will make the entire space feel larger.


Don’t ignore the corners. These small spaces are often overlooked in tight spaces. Instead of ignoring the corner, get an open backed corner bookshelf. Being open gives the appearance of not taking up much space while also serving double duty as some much needed storage space.


Invest in a large mirror. A mirror placed opposite of a window will reflect the light and make the space seem more open and airy. As a plus you can go for a fun frame to add some color and contrast to the walls.


Don’t shy away from metallic. A well placed metallic lamp, or decoration will do the same duty as the mirror. Add fun shapes and sizes to reflect light and make the space seem larger.


And finally head out to Sam’s Club before May 31st and pick up a pack of the Perfect Fit canisters. The small shape is a far cry from the traditional, bulky boxes that Kleenex usually comes in. These Perfect Fit canisters are small and round, making them the perfect accessory for you small space. As an added bonus the fun designs are exclusive to Sam’s Club and make a fun pop of color in your small space.

These Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters are only available till May 31st. So make sure you run out to Sam’s and get yours before they are gone.

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