The importance of looking after your overall health.

You will likely have heard a lot about the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle, but looking after your health is not simply about adopting one trend or another. It is more important than that. Staying healthy is important for its own sake: a healthy body is a strong body and leaves you better able to deal with stress and fight illness. Being fit and healthy also helps keep your mind alert. In addition, if you have or plan to have a family, you will want to stay healthy for them. Here are some useful health tips for you to follow.

Do not smoke

Ceasing to smoke has been found, in many cases, to be the single most effective factor in reducing the possibility of future illness. Smoking causes several diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and long-term respiratory disease, and can lead to premature death.

Exercise regularly

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To get the most from exercise, it is recommended that you do at least 30 minutes physical activity for most days of the week. If that is not possible, two shorter periods of activity – 15 minutes at a time – is believed to be just as good. A brisk walk on each day of the week is also adequate if that is all you can do or if you are at the start of an exercise regime after a long break. Always consult with your physician/health professional before undertaking a new exercise regime, especially if it is going to be a vigorous one.

Eat healthy

overall health

Getting your five a day is no myth. Ideally, you should be eating between seven and nine portions of vegetables and fruit a day. Cut down on your intake of fatty foods. If you eat meat, choose lean meat for your diet. Eating healthily is vital because no matter how much exercise you take, you will only burn off a certain percentage of calories. In addition, many healthy foods include nutrients that help combat illness and disease. For instance, fruit contains antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are believed to help prevent damaging chemicals from entering your body.

Even if you do eat healthily and exercise regularly, it is very unlikely you will be completely immune from the effects of poor health.

Back pain is a problem that many people encounter. There are many causes of back pain but two common ones are problems with the spine and strain on the back, perhaps from lifting heavy objects. As the founder of leading chiropractic firm HealthQuest, chiropractor Sol Cogan has an interest in promoting health and wellbeing with a particular emphasis on pain management. Back pain can have long-lasting and debilitating effects, but pain management and cures are possible, typically through a combination of medication, physical activity, and chiropractic care.

Through his chiropractor firm, HealthQuest, Sol Cogan emphasizes the importance in the chiropractic profession of enabling patients to live their lives at an optimum level, free of pain from day to day. In a broader sense, maintaining good health embraces that same objective: living each day at an optimum level of performance and doing the best you can do.

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