Tips for Getting Pregnant, My Personal Journey

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I talked a couple of months ago about My Personal Journey with trying to conceive. Unfortunately it did not come without its fair share of heartache. Fortunately it did end with two wonderful and beautiful children.

At times while trying to conceive it seemed as though it would never happen. I learned some tips along the way that may help others, so I wanted to share those.

Tips for getting pregnant.

First things first, it is important to schedule a visit with your doctor. You want to make sure that you have no other heath issues going on. They may also recommend that you start taking a prenatal vitamin as soon as you start trying.

So now that your doctor has given you the go ahead to try and get pregnant, you will want to start tracking your periods. By doing this you will be able to get a better idea of when you ovulate and that is key for getting pregnant. There are many ways to chart your periods and even some apps that will do it for you. Look into some options and figure out when you ovulate.
Tips for Getting Pregnant

Ovulation is key for becoming pregnant, but make sure not to insist that you have intercourse on those days. I remember when we were trying to get pregnant, I was so focused on having sex on the days that I thought I was ovulating that it really took all the fun out of it. It became nothing more of a chore instead of a special time for us to be together.

Also, sperm can live for up to 72 hours inside the body so there is no need to have sex every day. Having intercourse every other day is recommended as the sperm content is higher.

After intercourse lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes. You don’t need to hang upside down, or put your legs in the air, but laying flat for a few minutes can help the sperm get to where they need to go.

Find what causes you the most stress and do what you can to de-stress. I always hated to be the one who would tell other friends that my number one tip for getting pregnant was to relax and let it happen. It is the hardest bit of advice to follow, but it is also the one tip that really did work for me. Stress can interfere with ovulation and you can’t get pregnant if you do not ovulate. Find a way to deal with your stress. Take up running, painting, anything to help you forget about the stress in your life.

Tips for Getting Pregnant

Finally, consider adding a product like Astroglide TTC.

Astroglide TTC™ is a specially formulated for couples who are trying to conceive, Astroglide TTC supports fertility with adjusted pH levels, compatible osmolality and a consistency similar to your body’s cervical mucus. Each package contains 8 pre-filled disposable applicators that make it easy to coat the inside of the vagina, supplementing natural fluids and enhancing comfort.

How it works:
When trying to conceive, it is vital to provide an environment where sperm has a chance of survival. Environmental conditions are affected by pH levels, osmolality (the concentration of substances like sodium and potassium) and the consistency of egg white cervical mucus. While traditional lubricants may affect these conditions and inhibit sperm motility, studies have shown that Astroglide TTC is compatible with sperm, oocytes and embryos and allows sperm to move freely.

I wish that there had been a product around like this 5 years ago when we were trying to get pregnant.

tips for getting pregnant

Maybe we would have seen a couple of babies crawling around here much sooner. Check out the product locator and find out where to buy Astroglide TTC.

What tip would you give to someone trying to conceive?

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