Housewarming Gifts to Warm Hearts & Homes

Don’t know what to give your friends who just bought a new home? Or, maybe you’re not the best at picking out gifts? We’ve got some unique ideas to help you pick just the right thing. Celebrate a housewarming with these thoughtful ideas.

Something to Sip

If the giftee is a wine lover, what better gift to bring to the housewarming than a delectable bottle of wine and fancy corkscrew? Celebrate the big moment and let the wine flow among friends. Sometimes, the best gifts are the memories that are made together while celebrating. The home and apartment rental experts from Apartment Guide suggest splurging on an electric wine opener to make the gift extra special.

Something to Burn

The traditional gift of candles is a simple, no brainer for a housewarming gift. Not only are candles perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom, candles are known to symbolize the gift of light in a new home. The candle maker Voluspa offer dozens of different varieties of richly scented candles, perfectly suited for a housewarming gift.

Something to Read

Consider giving your friend a few coffee table books. These books can be used as decorative pieces and they are a great conversation starter. If the recipient likes to travel, The Tourist of Life recommends books like “Paris in Color” or “Humans of New York.” Or, if your friend is into classic literature consider Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Something for the Dog

A new plush toy or gourmet dog treats are perfectly suited for the new homeowner with a furry friend. Grandma Lucy’s Dog Treats are organic and not produced in a factory, rather they are hand baked by a team of pet lovers. You can dress up the treats by adding them into a fancy canister and wrapping it up with ribbon. Don’t let the entire housewarming go to the dogs. Bring along a little something for your two-legged friend, too.

Something Personal

Get personal, but not too personal, and give the new homeowner a customized welcome mat for their front entryway of their new home. The home decor store Pottery Barn offers personalization options for many of their doormats. From monograms or numbers to short sayings, whatever you wish to customize can be done. Choose from three different sizes and two different colors, and then get it customized for no extra charge. This gift is simple, yet meaningful and you can rest-assured that they will love it.

Something for Entertaining

If your friends love to throw parties, consider gifting them something that they can use when entertaining guests. We’re not talking Tupperware or cutting boards either. Crate and Barrel offers a sophisticated stainless-steel fondue pot that can be used for dinner parties, holidays and all types of celebrations. From cheese to chocolate, your friends can whip up something delicious for up to six people to share.

Something Practical

Whether you friends are ambitious DIYers or even if they’ve never touched a tool in their life, consider gifting them a practical tool kit. Whether you assemble your own by rounding up essentials like a tape measure, nails, all-purpose glue and a few lightbulbs or you buy a kit that’s assembled already, new homeowners can count on this practical gift when a small home project arises.

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