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As I am sure you can imagine having 3 dogs is not always easy. Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of tennis balls, treats and dog food we go through. Two of our three dogs are big (70 pounds or more) and that means a lot of dog food gets consumed here on a weekly basis. A typical 50 pound bag of dog food lasts us about 2 weeks. That means every couple of weeks I am fighting a 50 pound bag of dog food into the shopping cart, into the car, then into the house. It is a pain.

Repeat Delivery Service for Pets

Then I was invited to try out Petco’s repeat delivery service for pets. And my wrestling with a huge bag of dog food is now a thing of the past.

The Repeat Delivery service is so easy. I just select the item I want delivered and then how often I want it to show up. You can even put different items on different repeat schedules. We have dog food coming every two weeks and brand new tennis balls showing up every month.

repeat delivery service for pets

With this service, you just select items from the list of eligible food and supply products and have them automatically delivered as often as once a week. Plus, in addition to saving yourself a trip to the store, products that are set up for repeat delivery are discounted as much as 15%! No more using coupons or promo codes to save on supplies for your pet. All the products your pet needs on a regular basis are available. Choose from food, pest control, medications, vitamins, supplements and much more. I love knowing that I will receive their lowest online prices and I even get free shipping on orders of $49.

repeat delivery service for pets

Sign up for Repeat Delivery and receive up to 20% off certain items for your pet and receive a $30 eGift Card with any purchase over $39.

Repeat Delivery $30 Promotional eGift Card Terms & Conditions:

To qualify, first-time new customers must sign-up and place their
first Repeat Delivery order, between Sunday, May 1, 2016 and Tuesday, May
31, 2016.*

What would you add to your repeat delivery schedule?

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