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4 Ways To Spend More Time As A Family - Yellow Tennessee

4 Ways To Spend More Time As A Family

It’s common for families to drift apart as members of the same group age and mature. That’s why it’s important to schedule quality time where you can talk and engage with one another. It’s not enough to wish that it happens, but someone has to take charge to make sure there are scheduled activities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been spending enough time as a family. Awareness is the first key to making changes and bringing everyone back together. Half the battle is organizing around each other’s calendars and coming up with fun ways to interact. See four ways to spend more time as a family.

Board Games & A Movie

Playing board games together is a great way to laugh and have an enjoyable time. Pick out a few family favorites that you used to play as a group or invest in new ones everyone can learn how to play together. Turn on the fire and put on your pajamas, so everyone feels relaxed. After a round of board games, make some popcorn and turn on a movie that the family will like to watch. A night in might be all you guys need to reconnect and bond.

Road Trip

Pick a place near or far that you’re going to travel to as a family and start planning the details. Secure a reliable vehicle like a used Ford Ranger to get you there safely. Pack light so you have plenty of leg room and bring snacks and games to enjoy on the car ride. Spend time talking and learning more about one another as you travel to your destination. Take a camera so you can document your memories along the way. Everyone will appreciate the time away and a break from school and work.

Walk or Hike

Plan to take a walk each night as a family or bring the dog for a hike on the weekend. Exercising together is a great way to spend quality time. You’re burning calories and getting a chance to chat and exchange fresh conversation. It’ll feel good to get outside and enjoy nature too. Sometimes all you need is to get out of your usual environment, like the house, to strike up new discussions. Make it a regular occurrence, so everyone knows where and when to meet each night.

Eat Dinner Together

One proven way to bring the group closer together is to eat dinner as a family. Although it’s difficult with everyone’s schedules, try to make dinnertime a consistent event in your household. You won’t regret it down the road when everyone’s out of the house, and you have the memory of you all eating dinner together. Talk about your days, what’s upcoming and any issues that are troubling anyone at the time.


It’s important to make time for your family to engage with each other. You’ll become closer to one another and will start to understand your differences better. These are four ways to spend more time as a family.

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