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Easter and PEEPS Go Hand in Hand - Yellow Tennessee

Easter and PEEPS Go Hand in Hand

The PEEPS & COMPANY® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by PEEPS & COMPANY®. All opinions are as always, 100% my own.

It is almost Easter and that means my favorite treats are now available. When I was a kid, I used to save up all my PEEPS from Easter so I could enjoy them all year long. Now, I can enjoy PEEPS all year.

We are in the middle of an out of state move and that means most of my house is in boxes and we are living on the bare minimum. But Easter baskets still had to happen.

This box of goodies showed up and made sure Easter was a huge success. Some of our old favorites like the original and blue raspberry were in there. And we got to try some fun new flavors we hadn’t had before.

I highly recommend the Lemon PEEPS dipped in lemon fudge. Oh, so good.

I wish I could tell you that we did something fun with our PEEPS, like the centerpieces we made last year. But alas, this year we just ate them. My husband really liked the sour watermelon flavor and we all enjoyed the fruit punch flavor.

Of course for me, I’m a PEEP purist. Give me a regular PEEP and I am a happy girl.

Save on PEEPS this Easter by ordering online at the PEEPS & Company website. And you can save 25% off your total purchase by using the promo code eastertreats

Do you like PEEPS?

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