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How to Get Down with the Games Your Kids Are Playing - Yellow Tennessee

How to Get Down with the Games Your Kids Are Playing

As a parent, it can be really easy to get out of sync with the video games that your children are playing. Video games are a big thing, and it can be really easy to feel lost when it comes to some of the things they may be talking about when they tell you about their gaming adventures. Fear not though, here are some tips to keep yourself in the loop.

Read Up On the Games

No matter what game it is, there’s usually some form of Wiki, blog or discussion thread that covers it in detail. Some games can be really simple, and others more complex, so expect to have to put a little bit of time into research.

A great example would be Minecraft, a voxel style construction title set in an open world. This game has taken off a lot, and whilst it may seem like a simple construction game, there’s a lot behind it. It’s more than just building houses and other structures, and when you look into something like the Redstone system in the game, you’ll see why. You can use Redstone to add automation to the game, building everything from rollercoasters, to hidden doors that only operate with switches. Even after reading a beginner’s guide to Minecraft, there’s still going to be a lot to learn, so expect to have to put some time in.

Take Up Gaming as a Hobby

So, your kids might not always be at home, and you might have a bit of free time on your hands. There’s nothing stopping you from firing up their consoles, and making your own profile to experience these games yourself. Remember, it’s going to be a learning curve with some titles, and it might take some time to get good at some of the games, but it’ll be worth it when you can share a common interest with your children.

Turn It Into More Than a Hobby

Maybe you have decided to take to playing the same games, and you’re really getting into it so why not turn it into something more? You could always look into becoming a streamer, and showing off your prowess to the world. It’s really easy to set up an account with streaming services like Beam or Twitch, and then it’s a matter of just customizing your channel. You can customize your channel in minutes if you use the free tools available, so making things like a Twitch offline banner shouldn’t be much of a hassle for you. Not only can this allow you to continue learning about the games, you’ll also join a community that could help you to learn more about the games and titles that are similar to it.

Introduce Games You Know to Their Titles

It’s not quite the same as learning about the games that your kids play, but you could always add games you like to their mix. Maybe you don’t know a lot of games out there, but you’re in luck as a lot of classic board games have been turned into video games. Hasbro have turned a lot of their classic titles into video games to target a new generation of players, and let’s face it, pretty much everybody knows how to play Monopoly.

Take the Easy Option and Watch Streams and Videos

Maybe actually playing the titles isn’t quite your thing? Well, you can still experience video games without actually playing them by tuning into video game streams. You can tune into any number of streams on sites like YouTube, Beam, and Twitch. It’s easy to tune in whenever you have the time, and there’s a multitude of different games you can watch. You can easily see what’s popular by looking at the most streamed titles of 2016, or looking at the first few channels on the sites.

Join in with Your Kids

The final option is to just join in with your children. Ask them if you can sit and watch, or even join in if the game allows more than one player. It’s a win win situation where you’ll be able to not only learn about the games they play, but get to spend more time with them too. Bear in mind, this might work better with younger children, as older children might value a bit more privacy or time to themselves.
There are plenty of ways you can learn about the games your children play, and hopefully these tips have made it easier for you. Pretty soon, you’ll stop feeling so lost whenever you hear your kids talking about video games.

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