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Why You Should Get a Masters In Gerontology — Yellow Tennessee

Why You Should Get a Masters In Gerontology

Masters In Gerontology
Choosing a masters can be one of the hardest academic decisions you’ll ever make; your choice can determine the rest of your working life. If gerontology is one of your interests, than a masters in gerontology may be perfect for you.

You Want To Do Something That Matters

The study of gerontology affects everyone, and is dedicated to improving the lives of all who enter their twilight years. Even after you have retired from your career, gerontology will play a huge role in the quality of your life. We will always need specialists in this field – from providing support to research – and your expertise will not only enforce this cause, but allow you to personally prepare yourself for your future.

You Want a Degree Which Keeps Your Paths Open

Due to its indisputable relevance to all aspects of society, specializing in gerontology opens more doors that you realize. With gerontology, you can easily adapt to a huge variety of careers such as long-term care, education, psychology, law, public health, and even the government sector. What’s better is that if you already work full or part-time and are concerned you might not have the space to achieve a masters, there’s no need to worry. Universities such as the University of Southern California offer online masters in gerontology, which will allow you to organize your degree around your work and personal life.

You Want a Career with Promising Opportunities

Gerontology is a study which is integral to humanity, meaning that you will never find your knowledge made redundant by time. With huge advancements in modern medicine and technology, the lives of our elderly are becoming longer than ever before, to the point that an astounding twenty-one percent of the US population is over 55. This makes the study of gerontology a rapidly expanding field which is desperate for new students to enter the specialty; it needs new talent in order to push this exciting and complex study into the future.

You Want to Care for Your Family

The complex ageing process of human life is inescapable – one in nine Americans over 65 have Alzheimer’s alone. Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s are just some of the debilitating age-related conditions you will be involved in with a gerontology masters. You may already have family members who are suffering with these diseases, so you know how difficult it can be to care for your loved ones when you have no experience. Doing a masters in gerontology would give you the extensive specialist knowledge and understanding you need to provide the right support and care for your family, which will be just what they need in such distressing and emotional times.

Hopefully these points have helped you in making an informed decision toward your choice of masters. If you are looking for satisfaction in both your personal and working life, gerontology is clearly an excellent pathway to take to find the career which is perfect for you.

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