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How to Choose the Career That’s Right for You - Yellow Tennessee

How to Choose the Career That’s Right for You

How to Choose the Career That’s Right for You

There comes a point in every student’s life when they must make important decisions that will shape their future. Confusion is normal as it’s hard to decide whether to start a career early or continue studying. Then there is the all-important question of choosing the right career path. To help make those decisions just a bit easier, go through the following points which might just help you in figuring out the career which is proper for you.

Your Goals

A lot of people start their careers with a vague or no goal at all, and that’s a mistake. Initially, it may seem like getting a decent job in a decent place is enough, but without a preplanned goal to work towards, you will lose motivation down the line. Job dissatisfaction, career stagnancy, etc. are all results of an unplanned career with no goals in sight. Start with small, short-term goals if you are not in a position to determine a long term goal at the moment, but you need a target to give your career direction.


It should come as no surprise that in order to choose the right career, one must first assess one’s own personality, interests and abilities. Go to a career counselor for added assistance or take career tests if required. Your focus should be on figuring out your interests, skillsets, values, personality and then matching them to your available opportunities.

Make the List

This is actually a continuation of the first point really, since you will be using the information you found out by assessing yourself to make a list of jobs and educational opportunities that ticks all the right boxes. Once you have this list, it should be easier to shortlist and then finalize the option.

Tips on Creating the Shortlist

Having a shortlist of jobs and opportunities that apply to your skills and your interests is great, but in order to make that final decision, you will need to fine tune the list even further, and here are a few tips on how to go about it.

  • Strike off career opportunities that have the least amount of prospect
  • If you think a course costs way too much money and doesn’t offer enough incentives to pursue it, you are probably better off without it
  • Careers that are in direct conflict with your physical conditions/disabilities are a no go
  • Confidence is the key to a successful career, if you do not have that about a certain field, it’s best avoided
  • Avoid any “too good to be true” opportunities; be it in education or a job
  • Choosing something in which you have prior experience is a great idea

We also recommend checking out Quality Education and Jobs if you already have a few career ideas in your head. They have detailed, step-by-step guides on how to pursue each specific career successfully and what you need in order to do that. A young mind should always be exposed to new ideas and opportunities because that’s how people usually come to realize their callings.

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