Finding the perfect rug for our space #Review

Over the summer we moved into what I call my “dream house”. It’s an older house with lots of room for me to hide from the kids (mostly kidding!) and having more space means I need more things to fill it! We went from a house with carpeting to a […]

Crispy Green: A Great Snack For Holiday Travel #Review

Being stuck in a car during the holiday season seems to be our lot in life! Our family lives 3 hours north of us and we have many family Christmas celebrations to attend so we are in the car and moving from place to place every weekend! I like to […]

Christmas in our house!

Call me nosy, but I love seeing how other people decorate for the holidays and learning  about their traditions! I love reading posts from my favorite bloggers where they share the fun ways they celebrate and seeing pictures of their home looking all festive-gets me in the Christmas spirit even […]

Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas with Babies R Us #Giveaway

Christmas is a special time in our house and having children makes this time of year even more magical! I remember my son Cooper’s first Christmas, it was so sweet. He was 11 months old and had so much fun with the wrapping paper and of course we took a […]

DIY Christmas canvas art!

I love decorating for the holidays, so much so that I put my tree up early November! We don’t have Thanksgiving at our house so I think I can get away with it 😉 My taste is all over the place and I love making homemade decor to tie everything […]

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe I’ve Ever Tried!

Okay folks, brace yourselves. I’m about to share the best sugar cookie recipe out there for making cut outs. I have tried so many recipes over the years only to be disappointed and one bright shiny day a friend of mine gave me this recipe and I have been hooked […]

Ninja Ultimaâ„¢ Blender Review!

It’s the time of year where illness seems more prevalent, especially among kids! I get so anxious this time of year knowing my kids will probably catch whatever is floating around. But I do my best to help their little immune systems by keeping the home clean and making sure […]

Review: Niice Stuff

Ever come across a product and think: This is meant to be!? That’s how I felt when I first came across Niice Stuff. At first glance, this may be your typical small time clothing shop. But it’s so much more! Niice stands for: Nurturing Individuals Inspiring Children Everyday and the mission […]